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For maximum safety and performance all year on the road, Maidenhead Tyres and Autocare recommend using either winter tyres or conventional tyres to suit the season.

Many motorists, however, are reluctant to own both summer and winter tyres due to lack of storage.

Here at Maidenhead Tyres and Autocare we offer a solution with our Tyre Hotel.

  • Warm, Dry Storage
  • Extend Life of Tyre
  • Secure Location
  • Tyres For All Seasons

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Winter Tyres

It is recommended that you switch to winter tyres when temperatures reach a consistent average of 7°C, usually around October in the UK, and back to summer tyres when temperatures are higher than this, usually in March/April.

When you are ready to change over your tyres, simply contact Maidenhead Tyres and Autocare  to arrange fitting of your seasonal tyres and we will ‘check in’ your alternate tyres.

We will store your tyres in our warm, dry and secure tyre hotel.

Summer Tyres

When it is time to change back, we will inspect your tyres for wear and damage before re-fitting them and tucking the other set away in the tyre hotel.

We are open Monday – Saturday – please call 01628 507440

What Our Clients Say

At Maidenhead Tyres and Autocare, our focus has always been to provide the highest level of service to our customers. All our fitters and mechanics have extensive experience and are supported by the best suppliers in the industry.

  • Thank you Paul and Greg for looking after us on Saturday. Your team are honest, hard working and genuinely look after their customers without any stress or spending any extra money than is needed. They know their stuff and Paul is super kind and honest, absolutely what you want any day of the week. Thank you!

    Icon Female
    Lizzie Ballarati
    5 Star Review
  • The guys here are really great. They listen and are really helpful and friendly. Would one hundred percent recommend!
    Thanks to all who helped me with my tyre/pressures issue, an absolute pleasure to deal with you!

    Icon Female
    Donna Rance-Overton
    5 Star Review
  • I visited for Hunter Computerised wheel alignment and had a great experience. I recently bought a new car (2011 Audi A5) which I thought had faulty steering (it was stiff, pulling to left and steering wheel off centre) so decided to seek advice. Was listened to and treated like an important customer and was given advice about before I committed to anything. Once booked in I had everything explained throughout the process from a master technician and was shown the problem on the Hunter diagnostic screen. It was like being at a private medical clinic! Alignment was done and servotronic steering was reset – solving all issues and making a very happy customer indeed. Recommended for professional service and solving steering issues using the best equipment in the business.

    Icon Male
    Harmeet Tatla
    5 Star Review
  • One of the few times in life I am genuinely surprised by customer service. These guys looked at my car within 5 minutes when I had not made an appointment. I was expecting them to say I needed 2 new tyres and try to rip me off like most places do. However they repaired my puncture for just £20. I was in and out in 30 minutes and there were plenty of other customers. Highly recommended!

    Icon Male
    Robert Wilson
    5 Star Review
  • Excellent and stress free is the only way to describe my experience here.  I would highly recommend this place, all customers are invited through to the workshop to look at the car with the tyre fitter, he calmly showed me the worn three tyres without anyone even suggesting work was needed.  This business is run without the high sales pressure put on you at certain quick fit centres to change parts that are in good condition, this was confirmed by my mechanic who examined my wheel bearings up on the ramp straight after quick fit.   You can relax in a comfortable lounge with quality coffee you would expect to buy elsewhere.

    Icon Male
    Stuart Jones
    5 Star Review

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